About HAE UK

Our Mission Statement

To support residents of the United Kingdom who have Hereditary Angioedema (HAE), and their families.

Our Aims

Supplementary Aims

HAE UK will help support those who are going through the process of testing which may result in this diagnosis.
We welcome those with HAE type 3 for general support, but we are unable at present to offer guidance for this group who should seek advice directly from their specialist.

Our Values

HAE UK embraces the following values:


Actively representing all who have HAE to improve their quality of life by engaging our members and representing their needs.


Treating people with whom we interact with dignity, fairness and compassion.


Fostering strong and meaningful relationships with our stakeholders and partners, where collaboration, discussion and exchange of ideas is encouraged and supported by members, Trustees and staff.


HAE UK’s Trustees and members will act responsibly by effectively planning and managing all available resources.

Our Global Responsibility

HAE UK is an independent national patient association affiliated to HAE International. We work in co-operation with other national HAE patient associations to support the worldwide HAE family.

Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security are very important to us and we are fully committed to keeping your data safe. You can read our Privacy Policy by following this link.