Travelling with HAE

It is important for HAE Patients to plan appropriate medical cover when travelling away from home. You should make sure you have adequate supply of medication to cover your trip, plus a little extra in case of delays. You should also carry a letter from your consultant, describing HAE and any medication you take to manage it, as well as your consultants contact details. HAE UK can help you have this letter translated into the language of your destination country if necessary. If you are travelling by aeroplane, it is important to remember to carry your medication with you in your hand luggage, and not in the hold. Keep your medication together with your letter, in case you need to show this at security.

It is recommended to wear a medic alert bracelet, or similar identification, so your details can be access in an emergency – see the medicalert website.

If you are travelling abroad, you should make sure you have travel insurance which covers your HAE. There is a wide variation in HAE services in different countries, so it is advisable to check out the local area before you go, so you know where the nearest HAE knowledgeable hospital is, in case of an emergency. HAE UK may be able to help you with this should you be travelling off the beaton track!

The HAEi Companion app can help you with this. The app contains details of HAE knowledgeable hospitals around the world, and also contains the HAE Emergency Card which is translated in many different languages. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play

Travel insurance

As we have said above you will need to ensure you have good travel/medical insurance when going abroad. We strongly recommend contacting your insurer to discuss your medical needs prior to travel and to ensure that you have correctly notified the company that HAE is a pre-existing condition. Whilst we do not recommend any particular companies, there are now many specialist ones offering cover for those with existing conditions, but make sure these are UK based would be our advice.