RickLlandudno Lions Annual Boxing Day Sea Dip 2015

Rick Talbot, a fellow sufferer of Hereditary Angioedema (formally known as Angio Neurotic Oedema) successfully took part in the Annual Boxing Day Sea Dip organised by Llandudno Lions Club in the Irish Sea on Boxing Day 2015.

Rick, along with in excess of 100 hardy souls, the majority of which were in fancy dress and supporting various charities of their choice, joined the annual dash into the sea, swam around for a couple of minutes then waded back in to the shore. In the process Rick raised a sum in excess of £1,800 for HAE UK.

After the swim Rick said that it was in fact not too cold, but this may have been because the rain was pelting down almost horizontally, which made the sea feel quite warm (it is far colder in April after the winter months). Also because of the atmosphere amongst the contestants, everyone was buoyed along, in fact the comraderie amongst everyone including the 100’s of spectator’s and members of his family, made it all worthwhile.

Rick also said a big thank you to all those who supported him both on the day, and also financially, in order to make a healthy sum for HAE UK.